Tessa Martin Newbury Yoga
tel: 07944 196088

Yoga workshops

Recuperative and Pranayama Workshops

Pranayama (breathing techniques) and recuperative poses are taught where we can concentrate exclusively on this aspect of yoga – my home studio now has underfloor heating making this type of class much more enjoyable in the cold weather.

Iyengar General Workshop – with the use of ropes and props

My home studio is fully equipped with mats, bolsters, blankets, bricks, belts, pads. I also have wall ropes and slings so occasionally I will offer a workshop at home where we can explore the use of these.


All classes will be in my home studio. My house is at the top of the cul-de-sac to the right, please park in Fifth Road and then walk in. Parking along Fifth Road is very easy out of school hours.

please note:

My home studio takes a maximum of 10 people therefore, the workshops are open to my existing students first, if you are not a regular student please contact me personally so that I can assess your experience and point you in the right direction to a suitable workshop if I have spaces. Costs of the workshops will be dependent on how long they are.